We have full engineering documentation, highly qualified personnel and technical possibilities that allows us to make repairs in volumes and time, needed to customers.



Owning the necessary production facilities and highly qualified personnel, the plant carries out scheduled maintenance, repairs and overhaul of the drilling equipment and oil-and-gas machinery, produced domestically and, what is important, abroad, including the following: drawworks and boosters, blow out equipment, swivels, crownblocks , travelling blocks, pumps, rotary tables, gear shifts, drilling power tongs and so on.


The plant presents a full range of services to repair and maintain the customer's machinery, providing with all necessary spare parts within the time of the equipment operation during the drilling process. We could divide maintenance of the drilling equipment on two types, not mutually exclusive: 1) scheduled maintenance; 2) unscheduled or emergency maintenance.


Understanding the customer's wish not only to acquire equipment, but to be sure in its professional starting up, "The Plant Neftegazmash" delivers services of transportation and start-up of the produced or repaired equipment.

The overhaul includes:
- Total dismantling of all minor components (pressing-out on the horizontal press with charge 630 tf, shaft sizes: diameter 600mm, length 500-6000mm);
- Shot blasting of the components;
- The preparation of the punch list;
- Bore back, beading, repeated bore back to the needed value on lathes and turning mills, grinding, thread recovery;
- Chromizing of separate components of the equipment, according to the technological process;
- Equipment assembly;
- Test on tightness and strength;
- Equipment trial run on the test benches;
- Coating.
Having all engineering documentation, highly qualified personnel and technical possibilities we are able to make repairs in volumes and time, needed to customers.


Both types of drilling equipment maintenance are directed to the prevention of hazardous operations on the drilling site, that's why our specialists pay huge attention to the study of all components of the blow out equipment, mud pumps, replacement of mechanical rubbers in machine units in order to maintain equipment with maximal efficiency, without any inconveniences for the customer.

The maintenance process includes the following works:
- Test operation and non-destructive inspection of the customer's equipment
- Express-analysis of the received results and comparison with passport data
- Evaluation of the technical condition
- Search for defects
- Repairs on the customer's site without removing the equipment under repair
- Warranty service of the delivered products (audit, preventive measures)
- Replacement of spare parts (bushings, valves, sleeves, pistons)
- Replacement of mechanical rubber products
- Scheduled maintenance and overhaul on the production facilities of the plant
- Experts consultations on the use of the drilling equipment

Plant's specialists are always ready to help our customers with the maintenance, however we usually remind that scheduled maintenance would not spare the equipment from wearing, so it is necessary to serve machines and equipment daily according to the passport requirements.

In the state of factory work and constantly improve their qualification engineers and assemblers producing work for commissioning and installation supervision of equipment supplied by us.