Drilling winch


Designed for tension and winding on the drum the leading strings of the rope when lifting tackle system, coiling the rope during the descent of drill and casing and loaded hook with an elevator, both during lowering and lifting and drilling, at escalating, feeding and other operations.

Regulating the speed of descent and full stop of the hook on the entire length of its course;

as well as for, the tension in the wireline and make up debunking columns (in the absence of special keys), with ascent and descent and ascent gruntonosok various goods, equipment and towers in the process of assembly and disassembly plant.


№П/ПНаименованиеОбозначениеГрузоподъемность, тТип тормозаДиаметр талевого каната, мм
1Лебедка 125НГМ75.02.00.000125Ленточный25
2Лебедка 125НГМ752.02.00.000125Ленточный25
3Лебедка 175НГМ1.02.30.000175Ленточный28
4Лебедка 225НГМ48.02.00.000225Ленточный28
5Лебедка 225НГМ482.02.02.000-01225Ленточный28
6Лебедка буровая НЛБ-900НГМ02.02.00.000250-320Дисково-колодочный32
7Лебедка буровая НЛБ-1200НГМ02.02.00.000-01225-250Ленточный32