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1960 the year of Foundation of plant
More than 200 employees.
More than 500 units of the production range.
14662 м2 plant area

About company

About company

"The Plant Neftegazmash" LLC is a producer of high-tech drilling and petroleum engineering equipment for oil-and-gas industry.

Owning the necessary production facilities and highly qualified personnel, the plant also carries out maintenance and overhaul of the drilling and oil-and-gas machinery, produced domestically and abroad.

"The Plant Neftegazmash" LLC offers to customers complex decisions for drilling companies: from the equipment designing to final putting it into operation, our services include supervision of erection, starting up and adjustment, warranty and post-warranty service. The enterprise also produces import-substituting equipment applying modern technologies.

Operating more than a half of a century in the area of production and maintenance of the drilling equipment and special-purpose machinery, as well as supplying spare parts for them, the company deserved the reputation of a reliable and stable partner, able to meet customers' requirements and to adapt the production both for repetition work and individual projects.


1960 is considered as the year of the plant foundation, when the Ministry of the Oil industry created Machinery and Repair plant for the needs of the field. The plant provided companies of the oil-and-gas complex with drilling and petroleum equipment, its components, also repairing and servicing drilling equipment. The association "Nizbnevozhskneft" had been the general customer of the plant for years.

Within its long history the enterprise changed several names, and finally it was named "The Plant Neftegazmash" in 2005. In that very moment some serious changes took place in the company's management, that allowed it to enter a new level of the more critical importance in the industry.

2005 is the year of the second birth for the company. Registered on 26th of December 2005 in Volgograd city, Limited Liability Company "The Plant Neftegazmash" became the assign of the "Machinery and Repair plant".

Technical and production possibilities of the company, highly qualified personnel with huge working experience, the equipment renewal and introduction of advanced technologies allowed to scale up the operation process and the range of services.
Nowadays the plant keeps on meeting the increasing demand in drilling equipment supply and production on the market, and it still works in the area of technical service, maintenance and overhaul.


At present "The Plant Neftegazmash" LLC services the largest drilling and oil-and-gas companies in Russian Federation and former Soviet republics.

The company, which got its reputation due to the highest level of services and manufactured equipment, co-operates now with such giants of the oil-and-gas industry as "Surgutneftegaz", "Rosneft", "Gazprom", "Lukoil", SSK, BKE. "TatNeft", "Bashneft" and many others.

The company possesses large production facilities - the technological entity covers 4.8 hectares in a logistically convenient place.

Availability of:
- mechanical park, equipped with all kinds of machines to process any products;
- metal assembly shop;
- welding-blanking operations;
- shops of mechanical rubber products;
- shops of plastics production and pressing;
- forging shop with heat-treating furnaces of the mining type and powerful presses;
- instrumental shop;
- laboratory and test sites
makes it possible to make the full cycle of the equipment production: from designing to the final implementation of the project.

Before being delivered to customers, manufactured equipment and spare parts are kept in special warehouses.


"The Plant Neftegazmash" LLC produces a wide range of drilling equipment, needed in the modern gas and crude production, including the following products:
1. Drilling equipment and spare parts, tools and equipment
Mud pumps (Downstream level UNB-600, UNBT-950A (L), UNBT-1180L, NBT-600-2)
- Forcers and packoffs for mud pumps
- Swivel UV-250, UV-320
- Rotary table R-560, R-700
- Crown-block UTB-type
2. Blow out equipment
Frame sizes from 156 to 425 mm
Working pressure 21 - 70 MPa
Diagram according to all-Union State Standard 13862-90 from 1 to 10.
3. Pulling and running equipment :
- Slips catcher PKR-560M
- Bush insert for control, the roller-style
- Machine tong KMT
- Hydraulic tong KGN-340
- Bail
4. Mud circulating equipment
- Auger-drill pipeline of KS type
- Shaker LVC-1
- In-line mad-cleaner LSGS
- Shale shaker-desander
- Desilter
Technological tanks
- to prepare drill mud
- to keep drill mud
- trip tank.
5. Oil-field equipment
- Heaters of PTB-10A, PTB-10A(e)-style
- spare parts ans instruments for heaters (blow pipes, unit-heaters, pipes, augers, heat-exchangers, heating chambers)
Pipeline heaters for oil:
- of direct heating, types PТ-25/100МG, PТ-16/150МG, PТ-16/150МG, PТ- 6,3/200МG, PТ-6,3/150МG, PT-160/100М.
- with intermediate heat carrier, types PPТ-0,2К, PPТ 0,63М, PP-1,6МG, PBТ-1,6, PP-4V.
- with combined heating PNK-1.9M
6. Spare parts and instruments to the foreign equipment for GRP
- components to Hydra Rig and Steward&Stevenson
- to injectors HR-440, HR-600
- to pumps SPM TWS-2000, TWS-250,TWS-600
- to pumps Parker, Denison
7. Spare parts and instruments to the drilling equipment made in China
8. Mechanical rubber products

Thus, the company was able to become a producer of import-substituting equipment, which is in an especially great demand nowadays.

Standards and Quality Control

"The Plant Neftegazmash" LLC carries out phased quality control, using all existing methods: luminous, X-rays, hydraulic, ultrasonic inspection in special laboratories and testing benches.

Company has full certification dossier. It is also licensed according to standards ISO 9001:2008.

In its operations "The Plant Neftegazmash" LLC strictly follows the regulations of the RF laws, acting according to all requirements of the industry standards. It is a team of energetic and experienced professionals, drilling equipment


Nowadays, the production facilities of "The Plant Neftegazmash" mean:

14 662 square meters of the land, including production shops, inside territories and warehouses.

More than 200 employees.

More than 500 units of the production range.

Main  Business Lines:
- Pre-machining.
- Mechanical assembly production.
- Boiler welding production.
- Forge-and-press and thermal production.
- Mechanical rubbers production.
- Production of plastics.

Prior tasks for the company today are the following:
- Technical upgrade of the mechanical assembly production facilities.
- Replacement of the outdated equipment  by the new one.
- Preservation of plant traditions, aimed to the development and welfare of the company.

Shops, equipped with everything needed for the production of the drilling and petroleum equipment, are situated on a huge territory:



Mechanical park (2 643 square meters), that contents:

- Milling machines: vertical, horizontal, fore-and-aft ones.
- Gear-hobbing equipment with processing up to module 20.
- Gear-shaping up to module 12 with diameter 800 mm.
- Grinding machines: round internal grinder and flat ones.
- Horizontal drilling milling machines with stem diameter up to 160 mm.
- Processing set 2627PМF4.
- Process unit HFC.
- Honing machines.

Welding-blanking operations are made in the shop, which space takes 8833  square meters and include the following:

- Guillotines, edge forming machines, universal shears.
- Welding semi-automated devices of inverting type.
- Laser jet for metal pattern-cutting.

Forge-stamping station:

- Eccentric presses 100 t, 160 t, 2500t.
- Thermal drawplate ovens of mining type.
- Block hammers up to 400 kg.

Tool shop (1 710 square meters) equipped with:

- Screw-cutting lathes.
- Milling versatile machines.
- Grinding machines of long precision.
- Jig boring equipment.
- Process unit HFC (high frequency current).

Shops of plastics take two places:

Shops of plastics (first place):

- Production of plastics. Here polyamide, polyethylene are used as raw material. Manufacturing of valves on the pistons teams, manufacturing of the framework for  HPP (high-pressure polyethylene) on the thermoset.

Shops of plastics (second place):

- Make plastics pressing. Equipment of the press DB. Products, ball valve CKOD from material AG-4v.

Shop of mechanical rubbers production (1476 square meters):

Preparation site:

- Production of the rubber mixtures in the internal rubber mixer, rubber mixture rolling-off on the mills. We have possibility to produce up to 403 t of mechanical rubbers with maximal sizes: 500х500х150мм, and the charge of 250 tf, including  rubber-metal goods.

Curing site:

- Pressure die casting - manufacturing of valves for mud pumps. Equipped with highly efficient presses and injection-molding machines (up to 1000 cubic cm). Express-control of the batches ("dyeing").
Control of the physical-mechanical indicators on the tension tester.
Control of the tearproof indicators: wearability and the tensile strength.
Control of the chemical resistance of the rubber mixtures.

Territory of the finished product storage:

- Gantry crane with 20 tons freight capacity.
- Concrete cover of the warehouse territory.

Production facilities

The plant production facilities are presented by the following components: Welding Assembly shop (8833 square meters) - welding equipment, gas-cutting machines; mechanical processing shop (2643 square meters) - horizontal drilling milling machines, lathe machines, lathe machines with CNC, electro-erosion equipment, jig boring and grinding machines; forging shop (1710 square meters) - thermal drawplate ovens of mining type, block hammers up to 800 kg, presses up to 2500 tons; shops of mechanical rubber products and plastics (1476 square meters).
Technical possibilities of the plants allow to execute:
1 Cutting processing
1.1 Lathe work
Maximal diameter of the processed components:
- 1000 mm – with length up to 5 m and weight up to 5 t
- 1300 mm – with length up to 300 mm
at lathing machines:
- 1500 mm – with length up to 1 m on the turning mills
- pipes with length up to 9 m ø to 299 mm on the threading machines;
- components like flanges and cores on 8 stem semi-automatic machines model 1K282 and machines with CNC. .
1.2 Drilling and boring works:
- drilling and boring up to 200 mm;
- boring and jig boring works.
1.3 Milling works on versatile milling machines with components of weight ~ 3000 kg.
1.4 Gear cutting with external engagement with module 20 mm and ø up to 2 m.
1.5 Gear shaping of the cylindrical gears with module 12 mm, internal ø up to 1600 mm, height up to 170 mm.
1.6 Grooving and slotting.
1.7 Preparation works on semi-automatic grippers and band saw machine.
1.8 Tool sharpening, grinding works:
- flat grinding – 320х1250х400 mm;
- internal grinding of the holes ø 20 …200 mm with
external diameter up to 400 mm, length up to 300 mm (in lunge);
- external grinding of the shafts with ø up to 200 mm, length up to 700 mm with maximal grinding length 630 mm.
2 Forge-and-press works, preparation works, thermal processing.
2.1 Hot-forging works on presses – 2500 tf, 315/250 tf;
2.2 Hot-forging by block hammers;
2.3 Sketch-shearing by scissors with width up to 25 mm;
2.4 Sheet-metal stamping on press 315/250 tf and presses – 100 tf.
2.5 Die-forging of thick-walled offsets 900 х1140 х12, 900 х890 х15;
2.6 Production of cowling with ø up to 2,5 m with sheet width up to 20 mm, length up to 2 m, including conic cowling;
2.7 Volumetric heat treatment of parts in gas and electric ovens.
2.8 Hardening of parts HFC with power up to 100 кW;
2.9 Box hardening;
3 Metals welding and cutting
3.1 Welded metal structures up to 20 t:
- manual arc welding;
- semi-automatic in СО2;
- submerged arc-welding;
3.2 Finning steel pipes ø from 76 mm to ø 259 mm by steel band using welding in СО2;
3.3 Sheets welding in СО2, width from 1 to 40 mm;
3.4 Plasma arc cutting:
- carbon steels;
- stainless steels;
- allows;
width from 1 to 35 mm.
4 Repairs
4.1 Restoration of steel shafts by welding method;
4.2 Bearings pressing-out on the horizontal press and the charge of 630 tf, shaft sizes ø 0,6 on the length 0,56 m;;
4.3 Overhaul of lathe-beds, types 16К20, 1К62;
5 Mechanical rubbers production
We have possibility to produce up to 403 t of mechanical rubbers with maximal sizes: 500х500х150мм, and the charge of 250 tf, including rubber-metal goods.
6 Production of plastics
- by molding and extrusion with sizes:
- by molding with injection volume up to 1000 cm3 (polyamide, polysterene, ABS, etc.);
- by extrusion (with charge of 400 tf) with sizes up to 1000 mm (from plastics like AG-4V).
7 Test facilities:
- test bench QST 140В to test for tightness and strength of the blow out equipment under pressure up to 140 MPa,
- test bench to test augers, pipelines and other oil-and-gas equipment for tightness and strength under pressure up to 750 MPa.
The technical control department of the plant-producer carries out phased quality control of the finished goods according to the requirements of the acting normative-technical documentation:
- entering control STP 3.751-02, instruction # P-7 from 25.04.1966.
- on the stage of manufacturing STP 3.752-2008, instruction on visual and measuring control RD 03-606-03
-- control of the welded joints by hydraulic method with luminous indicator coverage according to RTM 26-370-80
- control of the welded joints, unavailable t X-rays control according to OST 26-291-94
- X-ray laboratory of the plant possesses the license to use sources, generating ionizing radiation, given by Federal service for supervision of consumer rights protection and human welfare.
- X-ray control is made by certified specialists of the II level.
- luminous control is made by a certified specialist of the II level
- ultra-sonic defectoscopy is made on the certified equipment UD 3-71 by a specialist of the II level
- final control of the products according to STP 3.752-2008.
"The Plant Neftegazmash" LLC has the certificate about the supervision of the equipment for cargo-piston group of devices, received from Volgograd Center of Standardization and Metrology # 38-21/06-120, # 38-21/06-121..
STP 3.751-02 Entering control of the raw materials, intermediate products and components of the products STP 3.752-2008 The order of the finished goods since the first presentation RD 03-606-03 Instruction on visual and measuring control all-Union Standards 26-291-94 Containers and machines steel welded РТМ 26-370-80 Control of the welding equipment for tightness and strength by liquid methods using luminophore.
# P-7 Instruction on the procedure of acceptance of the products of production-technical purpose and goods of national consumption.
Project works
- engineering of the oil-and-gas equipment,
- engineering of the line system and non-standard equipment,
- development of the process documentation for the machine manufacturing.
9 Qualification of the employees Highly qualified staff will work directly on customers orders. The experience of the company's staff in the production of the petroleum equipment and production facilities of the plant makes it possible to avoid outsourcing and sub-contractors assistance in the operations. All participants of the process are natives in Volgograd and their working experience is more than 18 years.

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